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New to Site and a couple of questions.

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I just wanted to introduce myself to the group, at the suggestion of SixTgunr:

I work for a East Central Missouri, Sheriff's Dept. I have been with them for 32 years. I am our fireams instructor and we just recently acquired 20-M-14's from Govt. Surplus. I have always been interested in the M-14's but never had the opportunity to really "get to know one". Wow, what a piece of machinery. I still have a Colt M-4 that stays close to me but I have the M-14 close and available, too.

Where can I get and/or which is the best basic repair/maintainance manual to have. I have the Marine Corps. manual for the AR's/M-16's and surely there is something out there that is similiar for the M-14's.

I not looking to do intricate gun smithing...just good maintainance beyond field stripping..Like what if a ejector or extractor breaks..how do you repair it. As I said, I have been trained in repairing AR's and such. I really don't anticipate too many break downs, but would like to be as informed as possible.

Your web site is awsome and I'm looking forward to participating. Thanks for letting me be a part of your group.


Major Mike Copeland aka/Major Mike
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20 m14s in your department? man i wish i was in missouri and you guys needed a 54 year old rookie. did you guys purchase them or is it some govt lend /lease deal? curious to know the facts as to how your department got them. were you shooting surplus or 308 winch? would sure check the headspace so you can rest easy as to maybe a clearance problem. nobody wants to eat a bolt. are these full auto by any chance?
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