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So, the good: A really, really, really great deal. Lets just say good enough for me to grab it on the spot, and ride all the way across Austin with it slung on my back.

The bad: The fiberglass stock is chipped in a bunch of small spots, probably going to get Duracoat.

S/N 151500
Number on bolt is 7790186-SA and underneath F00073
On barrel there is a MP stamp, and HR 7790190 1 62-Y
Inside the magazine well on the stock is D-3741, GB-2, and 21L on one side
And on the other is D-3742, GGB-2, and DT

Also came with one 30 round, two CMI 20 round, and a 10 round mag.

If anyone has any info, that'd be great. I'm familiar with the operation of the weapon, but never owned one myself. I've fired them before in the military, and have shot several thousand rounds through my mini-14, which is pretty much the same. My plan is to use this as a long range iron gun.
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