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Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to browsing the site, but now I need help immidiately!!! Please any body reply with a solution to a loose rear hood sight. The hood is loose and then when I run up the elevation to my 600yd setting I noticed the whole elevation is loose not just the hood but what the hood is attached to. I had a brand new that I installed today. I had to file some down on the sides so it would fit in the assembly...a little bit at a time and it is still loose. the hood is fine but the elevation is loose...I guess I took too much off. I guess I will hqave to order another one and start over. Any suggestions or something that is archived on here. Im sure I am not the only one with this issue. And can I use a rubber band to secure it during a match or is that considered and external modification? Any help please?
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Welcome to the forum from NorCal. +1 on bd111's observation regarding the sight cover. It's an easy place to start and if it is any deeper the sight is going to be down for enough time to chase parts. Good luck on the match, hope you can work out something to get on line.GITEN
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