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So, thermal for Stuff That could have hit the Fan
Looks like thermal has gone down in price and looking to get an optic or 2 ( to if going on the cheap, otherwise use the buy once cry once tactic) I do not own any of these but have done youtube research. Not married to buying anything inlist just looking for suggestions or experience with optics.

Situation foothills of Appalachians heavy forest longest shots 80 percent 100yards 20 percent up to 700 yards

So Leupold Tracker 2 - about 670- 760 dollars - changeable CR123 bat. - 10 hour life , waterproof

Cons at more than 100 feet quality drops to more or less heat blobs ( useable for Stuff That could have hit the Fan , as I am just trying to identify possible threats ).

Leupold Tracker 2 HD - around 1100- 1300 dollars - much better picture quality out to 100 - 175 feet - battery life 3 hours , waterproof

ATN Thor LT Either 3x6 - $1140 or 4-8 - $1330 - pro 10 hour battery life , easy plug in to solar charger for Stuff That could have hit the Fan , hard to completely evaluate on youtube as they are vague as to exact comparisons , the LT looks like it would be what I need

Cons - really crazy reviews - some say great others say crap , and I do not see where they are waterproof

ATN Thor 4 smart HD 640x480 - 3325 dollars , 384x288 - 1900 dollars , plenty of reviews on the 640x480 looks good , lots of stuff I do not need , but picture quality looks very good and ability to ID critters looks to be what I need. 10 hour battery life

Not a lot on the 384x288 what I have seen looks like the LT versions

Pulsars are ok but 3 hour battery life decreases effectiveness for Stuff That could have hit the Fan

Looking for about 3k or less
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