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New Socom's first range trip

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Got a last min call to run out to the rang today to try out my new Socom. Being a 1911 shooter (last M1A was 1979) & reading/learning here, I brought a note book to keep track of the shots. I did not really have the time to do some real "nail driving" practice & and it has been a long time for me - Let me just say the gun is much better than Iam at the moment. My main reason for the quick trip out was to see how the gun shot and handled. Only about 70 rounds went down range and Not one malfunction. fun factor was way up there. And here I was expecting failures... Glad the Socom could not read my mind. For those that are on the fence about this little gun - If you want to hit an asprin at 300/500 yards get the standard or better. If you are interesed in "Three gun shoots) like me or just want to have fun out to a few hundred yards or so {with Fun factor +} then this is the gun... I am still collecting parts to build a LRB with a SE 18 Med Hvy Barrel. But that is another day.
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Congrats on the SOCOM, Harley! :lol:

Fun Factor = Very High!


Tom O.
Fun factor?

Harley Man - it is a fun little gun to shoot - when I picked mine up, I held it up alongside a Winchester Model 94 and the SOCOM was shorter! How many other folks at the range wanted to shoot yours?
slow cold wet day at the range... only two of us there,,,, and yes he enjoyed shooting it - he has a standard and really loves his gun and she was close and could see/here - so he was careful not to hurt her feelings 8)
Sounds like a fine day & a fine little carbine harley rider. Asprin shooting can be frustrating at 300-500 yards with any rifle :arm5: . Congats on your new shooter :arm37: .
actually the only person I have ever seen shoot an asprin (not at 300 yrd) was Bob Munden http://www.bob-munden.com/ Now if I could only get lesson from him...
Hiya HR,
Sounds like you really like your SOCOM --- what kind of ammo ?? Handloads or factory or ??? Its good to hear you hade no jams etc. And MAKES ME WANT ONE !!!
Have fun -- Gunfighter aka Bird
Good fun news HarleyRider. The rifle/carbine is always fun to shoot. Here is one of my favorite things to do at the range (when no one else is around). Set up 6 of the little clay holders and clays at the 25 yrd line. Then firing from the hip, see how long and how many magazines it takes to take them all out. On the hip three round "bursts" seem to work best at ranging in and getting a hit. Or else do "port arms", hit the stop watch and do the same thing from the shoulder in the standing or kneeling position.

One time I offered an "old timer" who I respected, a chance to fire the SOCOM. He asked if it was okay to fire two magazines on "automatic". I said I wanted to see how he was going to do that. He proceeded to put the butt in his non-shooting hand hip and keeping the trigger hand palm down, just banged away on the trigger with his index finger. Forty rounds of withering fire into the 25 yrd berm in seconds, longest part was the mag change. I said "I never thought of doin that." It was really well aimed rapid fire, all rounds hitting midway up the dirt on the full length of the berm. Seems like that firing technique should be in the SOCOM manual.

Please note, that I only do this at SC state rifle range on ealry morning weekdays when no one else is present.

Good luck with your new SOCOM and enjoy.
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Port ammo, shot very well. I saw Bob Munden do that trick with a 1911 45 - sounded just like "full auto"...
Harley, keep posting information.
This year I plan on using my scout in three gun matchs. Now I am working on different loads. Trying to find the sweet spot.
Keep up the great work.
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