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Hi folks,

Been lurking for a long time and I finally picked up a new SAI Scout. It's got the black springfield synthetic/plastic injection molding stock.

My plan is to shoot this stock for a while, see what I like, then gradually upgrade various components of the rifle which may include the stock.

So as I'm starting to accessorize this thing to make it my own, I've got a few questions. I picked up a Sadlak heavy duty front rail with the qd swivel. (I'm still debating if I want to drop the $$ for an Atlas bipod or just get a Harris, but I know that's been covered in depth in a thousand other threads.)

I got all the tools and stuff per the Sadlak website out and ready to go (devcon bedding, drill bit, etc.) I removed the front sling swivel and was getting ready to attach a long screw to the brass fittings to pull them from the stock (per the Sadlak instructions) when I realized that those fittings would work as mounting points for the rail and that the Sadlak screws will attach directly to them. This keeps the inner plate from being mounted and obviously if it isn't installed you also cant bed it into the stock. So my question is, has anyone done this? Will it offer enough support in this configuration or is it just introducing a weak point into the system? Before I permanently alter the stock, I figured I'd ask the question. By just hand tightening the sadlak screws onto the brass fittings in the stock it seems moderately solid, but I obviously haven't tested it under recoil or load yet.

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