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New SBR Project

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I started this build for the New Year, planned a pistol and then to file for an SBR.

Aero Precision Complete Barreled Upper, 5.56 / 10.5", threaded, FDE
Aero Precision Stripped Enhanced Lower, FDE
Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Gen 6 PDW Brace for AR15 - FDE
Toolcraft Premium BCG, 5.56, Nickel Boron
BCM Gunfighter charging handle, medium latch
BCM Mod 3 pistol grip, FDE
BCM PNT trigger group

Not sure I like the BCM Mod 3 grip, it's very wide and not a good fit in my hand.
Maybe I'll replace it with an Ergo, perhaps in bl;ack to even out my color contrast scheme.

Took the optic of another AR so I can test fire this weekend.
Going to mount a Vortex Spitfire 1X AR Prism Scope.

Plan on replacing the A2 birdcage with a Noveske KX3 Flaming Pig.

Once SBR'd I'll replace the Brace rear end with Maxim's regular Stock rear end.
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Look at how long that the brace has been allowed. Now all the sudden panic to reclassify, bullhocky.
Until the courts are done with all the challenges, I'm not gonna worry to much. A pistol sold as a pistol. Transfered as a pistol from the manufacturer with a document from BATFE stating they're classifying as a pistol. It starts to make them awfully stupid.

It all gets so tiresome to continually fight over firearms that have been in the pipeline for many years. But I do not dwell on it, but I do not forget either. Death by a thousand cuts and all that.

The main tactic is to use the court system with biased courts to achieve even the smallest victory. Its all about money, for attorney's, and if the court is truly troubled over the definition of what constitutes the latest test, pistols of many designs, then the court should sanction the alphabet agency that brings another interpretation that has been the code for years.

I will stay vigilant as firearms are my 2nd favorite hobby and American God given Right to possess and use them. And the federal government doesn't mind being stupid as the federal system right now is so full of stupid that they personally make millions being stupid and are proud of it. That if for no other reason is enough not to just forget or "hope" that the Constitution is applied in the definition of the overall amendment.

And as for States Rights, that shall be the way to administer local law, however some States now have overreached their authority and the SCOTUS has kicked it back to the States to continue to delay the legal presidence.

Truly ridiculous to take ten years to reach a determination that has already been determined.
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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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