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Since i am new to the M1A rifle, i need some advice on an issue i may or may not have. I have done much reading over the past month on this site and the books "The M14 Owner's Guide" / "The M14 Complete Assembly Guide". The Tony Ben videos are very informative for me as well.

The short story is SAI requested I return the M1A for service when I found out the bolt was on a recall list from 1983? The good news is they replaced the bolt with a new forged assembly, headspaced to 1.631, test fired it. and turned it around in 10 days. I cant complain about that!

Here is my concern. I noticed that while drawing the OP Rod back the bolt is binding noticeably after about 1" of travel. After a bit of troubleshooting I concluded that it is the bottom of the new bolt riding on the top hammer grove. Is this binding normal on a brand new forging? GI3

It does not stop me from cycling the op rod but I can see the bolt geometry change in the op rod roller guide and receiver rails after that first inch.

Two things here (1) the original SA bolt did not bind at all (2) When the safety is engaged i can see the hammer is pulled downward slightly off the front sear [less than 1/16"] and in this position the new bolt cycles smoothly

So i am thinking this is just contact between the hammer and the bottom of the new bolt. Is it a problem, something i need SAI to address? or should it wear in after a few hundred rounds?

Thanks Guys in advance
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