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New SA Service Grade arrived

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FedEx showed up this morning, and the same guy who has been coming to my house every now and then over the past four years had a long rectangular box in his hands. Based upon past trips, delivery man knew exactly what it was (as did I).

Had received two field grades this past Spring, both of which had reparked grade receivers with eventually no parking on any of the other parts, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Boy, what a difference $100 makes! Received a December '41, six-digit SA. Reparked, but so were all of the other parts so all matched. Had a 10/53 LMR barrel: TE 3, MW 1. All other parts were nicely parked, and in good shape. Except for barrel and rear sight (DRC), I believe everything was SA. New commercial walnut furniture, but no CMP cartouche.

Very pleased. Thank you CMP.

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Congrats. Very nice rifle. I've got a couple of CMP Specials. I am starting to wish I had a Service Grade as well. Maybe next year (if they still have them).
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