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New SA rifle question

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I'm in the market for a M1A. I'm not real sure what to look for in one. I have heard that a high USGI parts count is what you want, no matter what reciever yu get. I'm thinking of a SA "loaded" and wondered about the parts count. Is there a better option for about the same money?

I want reliability, followed very closely by accuracy. I will not be shooting in matches, but I want to hit what I aim at. I have a 500 yd range to use. I want to be able to shovel the brass after shooting.
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If you want to be able to "shovel the brass after shooting", then I'd rule out the loaded model as you'll wear the non-chrome lined barrel out. Supposedly they will loose accuracy after 5-6000 rounds.

Try a standard model with a chrome lined barrel, the barrel will last a lifetime. Prebans are not guaranteed to have a chrome-lined barrel, BTW.

I'm personally not real big on the loaded model anyways as there's more to accuracy than just a NM barrel.

You might look for a Polytech or Norinco M14 if cost is an issue, or you could have a rifle built for you. If you have one built you'd need to round up the parts for it, but you'd get exactly what you want. I had a Poly rebuilt with an SA USGI parts kit and built another rifle with an LRB receiver and a TRW USGI parts kit. Both are accurate and reliable. Both have forged receivers. :D
which one to buy

hello fixit i have a springfield mia basic model with the black crinckle finish and the chrome lined barrel.i have about 1000 rounds through it with no problems,.last week i fired about 400 rounds of surplus ammo and no problems.i put 12 magazines through it from 100 to 300 yards without very much down time, no malfunctions at all,of course the weapon was smokin!!!at 300 yards i was hitting a standered b-27 target without a problem standing offhand. i dont know what the gi parts count is on my m1a , i am still learning on this weapon.i dont think you can go wrong with the springfield but watch out this can become addictive i am going to have another one built on a forged lrb reciever.....good luck let us know what you settle on.
Quag gave you the best advice in ensuring you get a M1A with a crome lined barrel. You can vertually shoot any ammo threw it & just for plinking military surplus ammo is the way to go.
Barrel wear

The 6000 round accuracy loss relates to match grade barrels and peak accuracy. Most standard non chromed barrels will last 10,000 to 12,000 rounds and some may go to 15,000 with proper care. At some point, chrome lined barrels will start flaking out in the throat. I've seen dozens in this condition. They may still have TE of 2 or so, but the throats are basically gone. I have two here now, in this condition, that customers have sent to have installed. Both are TRW barrels, but the problem regularly shows up in all manufactures of GI barrels. Personnally, I feel the desire for chrome lined barrels is blown out of proportion. Chrome was a military expediant for field use. There are some advantages, but it's not really needed in a civilian rifle.
Ok, thanks for the correction Ted. As a point of interest, how many rounds do you think can be fired through a chrome-lined barrel before the lining at the throat begins to flake?

I'm still not a big fan of the loaded M1As though. :)
I went with the SA loaded and SS barrel before I became a member of any board/read any books(ie got M14 smart). I must say I could not be happier with my rifle. I like to shoot my guns and not baby them. Took out the loaded, inspected, dumped about 800 rounds through it in a couple of days and only 2 FTF: 1st one because of a first time mag, and another around the 370th IIRC. No problems other than that. Didnt clean it until I put it in for storage. I love the 2 stage trigger and will convert the rest of my guns to it. I didnt shoot much past 300 yds put it will put them all in a chest area off hand shooting at that range. Saying that, before I actually shot it I was pretty tore up about not having any usgi parts after reading many post here. Now that I shot it I could care less. Being a newbi myself I will reccomend the loaded or anything M14 cast or usgi.
I have the same rifle as taylorWSO and have been extremely satisfied with both accuracy and reliability. Not one USGI part and zero problems. You take care of it and it will take care of you. Any USGI or commercial part can fail. PM is key!

Ted, I agree with your assessment on chrome-lined barrels. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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