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I have a new rifle in the works that was meant to keep my new WhamoCamo "Choco Chip" stock warm and cozy.

This is the rifle specs that the seller sent to me...

Armscorp Receiver (No mention of NM or not),
Douglass/Barnett match Heavy barrel 1-10 twist,1.630 match chamber.
Flashider is Post ban Springfield Inc. match flashider.
Smith Enterprise Match front sling swivel and gas sys lock.
Springfield Inc. Match unitized match gas sys (A.M.U. screw type)
Match sights with 1/2 Min. Hood and 1/2 min. windage (front may be Match GI butt rear is aftermarket)
Springfield Inc. Match trigger (does have a HRA hammer)
TRW op-rod and Bolt.
National match op rod spring guide.(also Springfield Inc. made)
Stock is the last run for USGI match wood stocks (NSN number under butt plate).
SparrowHawk dummy selector kit. (Yup, Hawk's stuff)
Have receipts for Armscorp receiver and recipt for their build.
Major bedding of stock was done by a retired A.M.U. Armour (Built all match M-14 for the Guard units) Ted Brown in WA.

I have no experience with custom built rifles and while a SA standard or another "loaded" would suffice my needs, I thought this was a good deal for $1330. Seller indicated that this rifle is a NM grade rifle.

This deal is set and in the works already but I would love to hear any comments that you might have. Good or bad.

Thanks in advance,

Tom O.

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Hey Tom .....

I just thought of something .....

I like to think young as in Tots ....

The Toys for Tots campaign will be gettin' off the ground soon and if you want to surprise "this tot" with that toy .... I'll take it! :lol:

Oh well! :(

I tried anyway .....

Keep us posted if you should happen to acquire that puppy .....

If you should ... you're gonna have quite a collection there ... :wink:


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Sorry Six:

I already GAVE! In Hawaii they collect early. But I will keep you in my thoughts as I carress this piece of wood and metal and keep her fed with the finest that I can afford.

Hey, I'm only trying to catch up with Different. Did you see what he scored while walking around catching the sights? The sales person probably did not even know that he was selling a Super Match or at least a well made National Match... and I think he said about $1200! It must have been his "cool" in the store. I would have been dancing in the street if I made that deal!

But I am really looking forward to getting this rifle. I want to get the her all dressed in my NEW WhamoCamo Choco Chip stock. The stock is still in the box. I am waiting for the rifle and one of Hawk's dummy selector kits. Then I will be reving to "GO"...

Aloha and Happy Veteran's Day to All!

Tom O.
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