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I recently purchased a couple of Hawks new ambi kits and thought everyone would appreciate a review of the new kit. The ambi kit is a refinement on the original Hawk dummy kit, it now has a moveable switch which now allows rotation of the selector switch with the option to remove the switch and install the selector lock "button" if desired. All parts are included in the purchase of the kit. Some simple modifications are required on the connector rod which only takes a few minutes of time with a dremel tool or file and full details of the modification can be found on Hawks website which is sparrowhawkm14.com. I received two kits within three days of making my payments via Pay Pal which to me is also very convenient. Upon receipt I had the first kit installed within a matter of ten minutes and absolutely love the look. I loved it so much I could not stop playing with the selector switch, I must have rotated it a hundred times in the first hour. It really add the finishing touch to any version of the M14 platform. I strongly urge you to visit his website and take a gander at this new kit as well as the rest of the sparrowhawk line of products.
Note:Hawk was the first one to come out with a dummy kit and the first to innovate the design and make the switch movable.
Here is a simple pic of the unit installed on my rack grade, the other kit will be installed on my E2 set up. More pics to follow have to find the time.
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Very nice. I have 8 of the previous switch kits installed on M14 rifles. Looks like they will need to be upgraded after Perry.

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I like the switch, it always appealed to me more than the button for some reason. I have always wanted something to fill the void in the stock and this came at just the right time. Cant wait to see it on my E2 stock.
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