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New Poly to the Family!!!

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Recently, I was "LUCKY" enough to get my hands on this Poly, a low SN#, pre-ban PolyTech M14/S. I got it from another member of this board and I am so happy, no, more like honored, to deal with up front, honest and such nice people!

Anyway, I put the Poly in a Walnut stock that I have been refinishing and added some new handguard (actually I reconditioned those as well). I hope you like the pics... I took the pics at the same time as shooting the DGR pics, but I think they came out okay...

I know these pics don't show the "fiddleback" grain of this stock, but with different light on it, it shows lots of layers of grain... almost like stripes on a Walnut...

Thanks for letting me share some of these pics with you all. I am very happy to have this Poly in the "family".

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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