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New old guy

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At 80 years old I finally bought my own M14, a Bula Defense national match 19.5 inch barrel. It has been a few years since I last had one in my hands. I’m still teaching this pup how to behave. It has a few bad habit, like failure to go into battery on occasion, but it does manage 3 inch 20 round groups over open sights at 50 yards. I haven’t taken it out to a 100 yard range yet.
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I lost all my firearms in the Rio Grande when the barge hit a sandbar and sank.
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Welcome on board Old John, pull up an old ammunition crate and sit awhile. This here Gun Board is a great place for information on our beloved M14 Battlerifle and military surplus ammunition for feeding her. Again, welcome on board and have yourself a great weekend.

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