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Well most schools are getting ready to be out for summer break. Time to start training !!! Every school should be working with local law enforcement agencies. So teachers know something of a plan. Communication plans. LEO'S and teaching staff in school doing walk through drills. Teachers and LEO on the live fire range for training then back to the school and more drills to include dry fire drills. The whole crawl, walk, run phases of training.
I'm totally ok with teachers being armed in school. But I think they need full tilt training. With refreser training every year and several drills.
So some people will say that is to much on a teacher. Well if it stops one shooting without anyone hurt (other than the shooter) it would be worth it.
Or allow more armed security in all schools and all schools a secured facility. Metal detectors, x-ray machines, fences, cameras. Make like going to school like getting on a airplane. Take the armed person out of my local DMV's and put them in schools.

It totally baffles me adults want and accept armed security and protection. But don't want it for their kids.
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