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Hello all, I found this board a while back and I'm hooked. I just bought a Polytec m14s sn-017xx with the stamp on the receiver heel. I got it at a NH gun show for $625. All chinese except for a nice USGI walnut stock. I would rate it 95% condition. I'd like to hear from anyone who has one and get their opinions or comments. Any info is appreciated. This place is awesome.
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Welcome rgs91,
Sounds like you got a great deal on the poly. Seems like going price is $700+ now and more if it's stamped on the heel. I've got a poly and couldn't be happier. Be careful though they tend to multiply. 8O
Glad you're here with us.
Aloha RGS91:

Welcome Aboard!!! Sounds like you had a good "find" there! Definitely good price! :lol:

Lots of folks here have Poly's or Norinco's... so I am sure you have some good response should questions come up!


Tom O.
Nice to have you sir! :)

How about a picture of your new Polytech? Let me know if you need help posting!
the new guy with new polytech's

Hi and welcome aboard I am new here too I just bought two myself about a month ago and love them one all poly and one poly H&R USGI both shoot very good and I have run 350 rds thru the all poly so far with 0 problems glad to here you got one yourself.The polytech which is all H&R
but the receiver will hold the 10X ring at 200 yards with aussi amm on a sr1 target. Enjoy your poly's
Glad to have you here with us, RGS91.

I think you're gonna like it here.

Welcome aboard. I too have a Poly M14s, heel marked 700 serial range. They are great receivers, but the rifles all headspace a little long for SAMMI spec. Mine swallows a no-go and closes pretty easily on a field as well. Therefore watch the brass for trouble signs. You might want to check the headspace if you can, and look over the lock up lugs on the bolt for signs of wear. Some chicom bolts are softer than recommended due to heat treat issues. Good Luck!!! MAK
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