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New Member with feeding problem M-1a

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Hello to all and im glad i finally joined the group, I have been absorbing the knowledge for quite a while and i thank you all for your wisdom. I have a problem , i have an M-1a that i love and has worked flawlessly till this point, i have fed my rifle 2000+ rounds of surplus, commercial and hand loads without failure untill this point. I have never had any repairs or adjustments made to the rifle, have never replace the extractor with usgi extractor and now my bolt will not close all the way and extractor will not easily grab cartridge. I ordered some usgi bolt gut kits hoping that its all i need and hopefully anyone with similar experience feel free to jump in. Thank you in advance.

Springfield loaded m-1a, sadlak airborne scope mount,Leupold Mk4 4.5-14 illum. tmr scope, atlas bipod
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Brass may not be resized sufficiently. Do you use a cartridge case gauge and does the rifle function with factory ammo?????
No the rifle does the same thing with factory ammo
I would bet that the rifle is either short stroking or it has a bad ejector, or both.

Make sure that the gas cylinder plug is tight.
Replace the ejector.
if I manually cycle the rifle if the extractor links on to the cartridge it does eject properly lee but the problem is that the extractor is not latching onto the cartridge every time
I intend on swapping out the bolt guts because I have never replaced any parts whatsoever, and ill also change the op rod spring
2 10 rnd 1" groups from 100yds. M25 in JAE with GGG bipod. Stainless Kreiger 1-11. 168 smk,RA brass cci34 primers , 41.5 4895. 70deg. 3/18/2012.
So maybe I was having a good day
Cherrish that day my friend. I have done it with bolt guns upon occasion. Mr Coyote now hangs in my office so I can look at it every day. It was like a dream. First shot 1.5 low and to the right. Corrected up three left 1 for top group in green. Corrected down 2 and left 2 for second 10 round 1" group. My spotter was ready to have a coronary after the first group. I kept telling him to remember to inhale. After the second group in the pink, I think we were both ready to have a heart attack. It can be done, but not very often.
hopefully I'll have a solution to my problem this coming week
I think your new extractor will do the trick.
I sure hope so Ty all I really appreciate you guys,I wish some of our leaders could work together on a common goal
Welcome to the forum, enjoy.
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