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new member saying hello from san jaun puerto rico

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this is my first entry ,so bear with me here let me know if i am following the forum corectley,. any body have a opinon on the acog trigicon scope for the m-14, also whats the best type of m-14 scope mount out threre. :lol:
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Hello Fran and welcome aboard ...

I will move this thread to the "Firing Line Forum" as your questions actually relate to the weapon and therefore should be placed in that particular forum.

I can tell you that some of the best mounts are the A.R.M.S. and the Smith but get your checkbook ready as they are a bit pricey but well worth it if you want some of the best.

If you need any help around here please feel free to just ask as we are a great bunch and are always willing to help.

have a super day!

Welcome Fran, I have a B Square mount that came with my used rifle, it goes on and off easily, but, is very high.. I have ordered the new Leatherwood from Impactguns.com @ $129 as I want to try it. If it were not available I would buy the Smith as so many are happy with it. I have not tried an Acog, but, I have an Aimpoint M2 and I love that combo.
Welcome Aboard the Firing Line - Fran =D>

Glad you decided to join the crew - lots of good folks here who are always glad to meet new friends and help out when they can. :mrgreen:

Sorry to say I can't help with the scope but I really like my ARMS #18 with the M22 QD rings. Works well with my Tasco 6 x 24, mil-dot.

Six has given you the good place to go for info, but there is also quite a bit of info on scopes in our Accessories forum.

Hope you enjoy the forums.

Slide your chair on up to the table and we'll set a place for ya.

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Hola Fran,
I've used the third generation and the new ARMS 18 with full rail and the ARMS is better, I love it, it practically becomes part of the receiver...some guys have problems mounting thiers or have problems with the brass getting stuck...fortunatley I have not had that problem. My only beef is that I had to cut a slot in the handguard for the front set screw and on the mounts that have that screw that goes through the rail you can't use the iron with the scope on ...over all it is an excellent mount...to get off topic do you know much about the gun laws in Puerto Rico?? I'm originally from Ponce, PR I live in Georgia now. My Parents want to move back to PR but my dad is scared that they will take his guns away...from what we understand the gun laws in PR are not rifleman friendly...
take care
echo4 from ponce

como estas echo the arms 18 sounds good i think there is a picture in one of the topics of a blackhawk down replica it has a arms with a aimpoint mounted i like how low on the reciever the sight is mounted.any more info please send it over i am just getting started with the m-14. as for the gun laws here in pr.your dad will have to ship his rifles from a ffl holder in the states, to a gun store in pr.when he arrives he can start the permit process,and he must pay a storage fee to the gun store until his permit comes through,there is no way here to have the weapons in his home without the permit.you cannot ship the weapons in baggage the police here will be waiting for him to check for a permit,no permit and the guns go to the police station until he gets one.thats not good as things get lost in the cuartel here if you know what i mean. once you have the gun permit things are not bad there are a lot of nice ranges here , and people are realy into shooting. i just wish there were some longer rifle ranges here, where i live in san juan 100 yards is the limit . mayby there is longer somewhere else on the island ,but i have not found one(military base in salinas has 800 yards ). good luck echo hope your dad comes down...............fran odonnell..............freedom
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Gracias!, Ponce is right next to Salinas, Ive been to that post many times.
The ARMS mount on Black Hawk Down is an older one w/o the full rail. IMO it looks better than the new one, the only problem is they don't make em anymore. The highly knowledgable, motivated fellas here know were you could aquire one.
Aloha Fran,

I think you will see that the ARMS #18 and the Smith mounts are probably the most preferred.

M14Dan came up with a slick solution for the setscrew on the front of the ARMS #18 mount so that you don't have to modify your handguard. I believe he was charging .50 cents or so for his setscrew.

As for the ACOG, it may sit higher than you like, but we have seen them used by the US Armed Forces, so you might want to really check it out before getting one.

An alternative quick acquisition is the Trigicon "dot" type systems which will sit lower and Aimpoints.

For scopes, the sky is the limit. There are so many alternatives out there it will boggle the mind, but this is what makes owning an M14 ype rifle interesting.

Welcome Aboard,

Tom O.
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