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new member and M1A owner

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Hello everyone, picked up my first M1A yesterday. Springfield Standard model w/ black fiberglass stock. Tried it out today, put 40rds through it. I should have bought one of these a while ago, goes great with my DSA FAL and my CMP M1.

Thinking about leaving the black stock and handguard on for now, I'll probably pick up a flash hider w/bayo lug and a steel butt plate though. I'll probably be ordering some more mags this week. Anybody know where to get the flash hider wrench and the gas system tool?

photo problem solvedICONWINK
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Anybocy the flash hider wrench and the gas system tool?


Are you asking to borrow the pliers to remove the 'castle nut' and a wrench to loosen the gas cylinder plug? Anyway, welcome to the forum, friend. Here's to a long and prosperous relationship. dave
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