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New Marlin 1894 CST, CSBL or 336 SS

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Good morning,
I am looking into getting my first lever gun. I am interested in the new Marlin 1894 CST or CSBL, mainly because I have a ruger sp101 357. However, the other day I held a 336 stainless and fell in love with it. Beautiful rifle and felt really good in my hands.

So I've never shot a 30-30, and I have my m1a scout in an EBR (deer rifle) so I'm stuck going back and forth on getting the 357 (fun to shoot and cheap ammo) or the 30-30 which can pretty much drop anything in the lower 48 within range.
Also the 336 is $616 at buds and the 1894 looks to be around 900.

Thanks for the help
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Yea I've done a good bit of research about the Remington buyout and all of what y'all said is correct. I too have heard they have gotten better, and the only reason for looking at new is the warranty and not having to worry about if the rifle was ever NOT cleaned properly.
The 30-30 is extremely popular, but I also live in SC, most of the time the 30-30s for sale are from the type of people who leave them sitting in the bed of their truck all deer season and they do not have a JM stamp.
They guys who actually care about their tools/guns tend to hold onto those JM rifles. And much like duck boats down here, people think they are made of gold.

I too like the Henry's, but same thing with the loading gate. Only rifle I ever had like that is my 22 from when I was 8 lol.

As far as hunting goes, after Google-ing for a while, I could use 357 for short range hunting if I wanted too, the performance literally increases by 40%+- and some of the hotter stuff was shooting at 2000+ fps. (I also usually hunt deer etc with my M1A)
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All of my leverguns have the Williams receiver peep, I recently discovered the FireSite front post and have swapped out 2 of them. Once I get past the hideous fluorescent color on my beautiful steel and wood lever action, I marvel at their usefulness.
Ive got the adjustable dovetail FireSite set. It's very quick. If I had to choose between the Wild West Trigger, and the Williams, I'd go with the trigger. It's not quite a Tikka, but it's very crisp and light, and I hated the Marlin "flop".

As far as guarantee, Remington just filed for bankruptcy.
What all does that trigger do? Like how much better is it?
"However, a Marlin 94 in .357 would be pretty handy paired with a matching caliber pistol...."

.357 holds more rounds, and has almost the energy of a 30-30, because of the barrel length.

"Do you need anything else to swap it out? Springs etc?"

Nope, but you may want to have a smith install it. I did.
10-4 thanks!!

Yea I was all in on one of the new 94s because I have a Ruger SP101... $975 before tax for the csbl. The CTS (threaded barrel) had a high msrp so I didn't even ask. That's how I got into the 336 SS.
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