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Hi all new member here. Looks like a very cool and informative forum. The good news is I bought a NIB M1a with a birch stock for $1099 in the bay area, california. May not seem like that great a deal to you guys in other parts of the country. But trust me, this is an expensive place to live and shoot. Want an example that'll curl your toes? Non-private party transfer fee going rate is ~$80 or ~10% of purchase price whichever is higher!
The bad news I sold one of my four Garands to get it. Plus I'm thinking of selling another one to totally cover the cost of the m1a. So far I've got the magazines, ammo, dewey cleaning rod, and muzzle guide covered. What other accessories am I forgetting? I was thinking once my wallet stops smoking of grabbing a USGI synthetic stock from Karsten in red urban camo. Or should I grab a USGI from fredsm14 stocks and paint it myself? In the future if I decide to send the rifle to a m14 smith work would I need another stock, or will the USGI synthetic be fine? Thanks for the info.

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Hi chickenfried!!

Welcome aboard! :D Ahh...fellow Kalifornian :)

The M1A w/ the birch stock for $1099 is not a bad deal if you purchased it new.

There are some accessories that you may want to get. Here is a list:

1. Gas Cylinder Wrench
2. Castle Nut Pliers (not used often)
3. Gas Clean-Out Tool
4. Set of good punches
5. Chamber Brush
6. .45cal brush...good for the gas cylinder and op-rod?
7. Bolt Roller Greaser
8. Hand Guard Pliers (not used often)
9. Good Set of Gunsmithing Screw Drivers
10. Hawk's Dummy Selector Switche for that "real" M14 look!

Now, for USGI Synthetic Stocks, Fred's is a good place to pick them up at a good price. However, I would suggest you visit WhamoCamo.com and see our very own SixTGunr's handy work. It is a work of art! You can't go wrong with gett a whamo camo stock! Here are a couple of examples:

Check out the rest of the pictures here:

Hope that answered your questions :)

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Bullets !!!

Don't forget the bullets.

By the way, it's okay to sell a Garand to get an M-14 / M1A. It's even okay to sell a second Garand to buy more bullets.

In all seriousness, congratulations on your new rifle.


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Aloha Chickenfried:

Welcome Aboard!!! I hope you're happy with your M14/M1A! I know it takes a lot to get one... but I think it's worth it.

I like to keep my Garands natural and all USGI while, I like to change the looks and feel of my M14 type rifles frequently... so I hope you enjoy and have fun with your new rifle...

Sorry, there is not much I could offer as a suggestion to these excellent suggestions already made.

Aloha, Best Wishes, and Welcome Aboard!!!

Tom O.

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"Welcome Aboard" CF ...

Sounds like ya did fairly well with your recent purchase. Later on down the road you'll want to start pickin up a few extra USGI parts here and there as well ...

THG (Trigger Housing Group)
Op Rod
Gas System and/or gas piston
Firing Pins

Never hurts to have this stuff lyin round for them "just in case" scenarios.

Glad to have ya aboard and hope to see you around often ... :wink:

Enjoy that puppy! :)


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Hard to get cheap 30/06 ammo but plenty of 308 surplus to be had.

:wink: About 15 years ago got my first M-14 & then sold my Garands to get another M-14. Its a step up & alot more of a pleasure to shoot a 14 versus a Garand.

Don't know if it can be done anymore but I had a Garand receiver milled for M-14 mags & a Tanker barrel put on it. Op rod had to be shortened. Put a Smith compensator on it. To be mobile put it on a E2 stock & checkered the pistol grip. Guess its a M-14 wannnabeee. But sure is a pleasure to shoot.


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Whamo is GREAT


All I can add is visit Whamo Camo before you buy any camo stock. I have one and it is great. Workmanship is top quality, fast delivery, and good prices.

I ordered mine with the selector notch filled for $15.00 additional. They come with hardware, ready to drop in.

No matter where you shoot, you will draw a crowd to look at it. They are that well made and unique.

Have fun,


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Thanks for the welcome and advice guys. I'm so excited, Wednsday can't come fast enough. I checked out the whamo camo stocks and they look great. Really liked the powder keg, but I think in person the pattern might be a little too busy. How hard would it be to paint the stock yourself? Also the pics on the site are a little small any one have any up close pics of their whamo camo stock?

Only paid 14 cents a roung for some portugese and 15 cents a round for some south african. The m2 ball I'm used to buying costs almost twice as much. It feels like I've saving money by buying a more expensive rifle. But I'll probaly just spend the same amount on ammo and practice twice as much.

Six-Those tiger stripe stocks look fantastic. I think I want one more than a synthetic. The only thing I like better about the synthetics are the price and durability. Any tips on finding a good tiger stripe stock? How much should I expect to pay?

I've also checked out sparrowhawk's dummy kits. But I'm a little confused about the differences between the kits offered. Do all the kits come complete with everything needed? What's the difference between the econo kit $20 and the FDS for $50. Been meaning to email him but maybe you guys know the answers.

Thanks again for the info guys.
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