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New LRB Range Report

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First I went to pasture to test fire to see if there was any issues. There was none. Loaded one round in mag and fed to chamber. Fired and bolt locked back. Made sight adjustment and loaded 2 rounds and fired. Fed and ejected perfect. Loaded 3 rounds, backed up 50 yards and fired. All three in black.

My nephew came to go with me to range. He had his deer rifles.

I fired approximately 100 rounds with no issues. Accuracy was only fair at first. About half way thru groups started getting smaller, Averaging about 2 inches. Seems to prefer Port over Aussie. Shot one group with my hunting load of IMR 4895 and 165 BTS. They went in on small side of 1 3/4 inches. Also 2 5 shot groups of Port went into ! !/2 inches and ! 3/4 inches.

After a little tweaking here and there, I'm sure it'll do better. It shot good enough to have the deer hunters at the range straining their necks.

After shooting my LRB, I got my SA M1A out and loaded it with the Ballistic Tip load and told my nephew to watch this. All shots was covered with a quarter. Like I said, I sure the LRB will do that too. The SA took a little breaking in and tweaking.

I am happy with my new toy.

Joe A.
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Very good! What kind of barrels?
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