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new guy

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here i am as you requested. jeff
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Welcome Jeff :D pull up a chair and set awhile. Glad ya made it :!: Sf and Go Airborne! Hawk
Hi Jeff: You have been very quiet lately. Let's hear from you once in a while. Hope you are feeling OK. Bill
Hello Jeff and "Welcome" ..... :wink:

Don't be a stranger round these parts and chime in any time ya feel the need. :arrow:

thanks guys

bill sixtrgunner and hawk: thanks
bill have been laying low lately waiting for finalization on the thyroid burnout got to go to the doc on the 10th of sept. jeff hueygunner
Hope the road is a smooth one Jeff and do keep us posted ... :wink:

Hurry up and get well.



ox sixtrgunner: thanks will keep you posted of what goes down. jeff
Hueyflyer, you can email JR (or PM him when he registers) and get thyroid info. Good luck to you.

FYI, new girl here!!! :D 8O :mrgreen:
That was me in the post above. Nice site you have here, Hawk. Thanks for the invite. :lol:
One more try!! :oops:
Welcome aboard! Glad ya could make it! Looks like ya made a Grand entrance.... :wink:
Well I am glad to see Jeff and Hueygunner are the same. This board could not take TWO of this guy! :D
bill and the guys:
your right i could not take two of me either. jr e mail me that thyroid stuff. thanks jeff
Glad to see ya made it Foxie ... :wink:

Same goes for that "squid" your hangin' with ..... 8)

Hey Hawk ... Did I forget to metion that JR is one of them "Dixie Cups" .. :wink:

Here we gooooooo ... :D

That's OK Six....I like the Navy....they take us anywhere we wanna go :lol: :lol: :p
Slide up on the beach ... Drop the hineys off ... Slither back for some beer & steaks ... :wink:

Six Out!
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:lol: You are tooo funny, Six!!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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