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new guy here

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Hi everyone, been lurking on this fourm for awhile,and thought it was about time I got active. Hopefully what I learn from you guys Ill be able to pass on when I get more knowledgeable.
Any how its nice to be here.
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Welcome, Ozark Mountain Man.

Happy to have you with us. Great site, good folks who are friendly and willing to share their knowledge and advice. I sure you're going to like it here.

"Welcom Aboard Sir" ... :wink:

Glad to have you with us and please don't be a stranger round these parts so drag one of them ammo crates up to the fires edge and sit a spell with us.

Lots of good folks here with info to gain and share so chime in whenever the mood strikes ya ... :wink:

I gotta agree.
Lots of stuff going on aroud here.
Refinishing stocks,upgrading accessories,loading ammo,and showing lots of pics and more pics.

That reminds me,I'm due to show something different.Well,now I've got work to do. :roll:

warbird out
Welcome to the Board

Welcome to the board Ozark Mountain Man. Hope to see you around the board alot in the future so don't be shy about posting. If we can be of help, just ask.

Welcome Ozark Mountain Man,
If ya need anything just yell. Glad to have you here with us.
Howwwdeeeeyyyy Yawl! Glad yer on board.... and welcome! Hawk
Welcome from one Ozarks Mountain Man to another. Glad to have you here. You will learn more from these old boys than from any other place I know.

I am just north of I-40 over west. Where are you located?

Howdy Ozark Mtn Man,

All I can say is this board is very informative and yet, very contagious.......bring cash :lol: .

Welcome aboard Ozark Mt Man. "If you want to get to heaven you have to raise a little.... Oh sorry thats the Daredevils :oops: anyway see you arround :p
Another hardy WELCOME Ozark Mtn Man. This is the place to be , well for me anyway. I haunted CSP and Battlerifles for a long time before I found the Firing Line, Now I'm here more than any where else. It's like comming home after bein gone a long time, it just feels right. O:)

Gald to have you aboard

I haven't been here very long myself, but in that short time, I have learned a lot. Guys I've "met" have been very friendly, and helpful. Stay awhile, you'll be glad you did. Taz
Aloha Ozark Mountain Man!

Welcome Aboard!!! Yep, that was an Aloha (Welcome) all the way from Hawaii!!! Glad to have you aboard... =D>

The forum is definitely the place to talk about our favorite subject... "GUNS"!!! And you are definitely in good company there!!! :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
ozark mountian man,



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