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New Gas Cylinder... Range Rpt.

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A while back, I had a chance to replace my SA gas cylinder with a new NM unitized gas cylinder. It installed much "tighter" than the original and did not need any shims... gas ports, aligned, gas cylinder lock clocked, A-OK.

When I went down to the range to give it a test, I almost flipped out. The POI was about 6" to the right and grouping was so-so, when it was shooting really good before the change... this was teaching me a lesson in "...if it ain't broke, don't...". I cannot put my finger on the gas cylinder as this being the only cause of the variance. I also removed and replaced the scope and put the original FH on, I was previously experimenting with the SA suppressor.

Anyway, I went home, VERY HUMBLED! I wondered if this was a mistake!

Well, last weekend, I got to the range again for a couple of hours and I made sure to test this out again... after cleaning, reinspecting everything and regreasing the rifle. Now, the POI was ON at 100 yds. (but, no wonder, I did zero in the last outing) but the groups were just outside of 2-2.5" or more with Port ammo (it was about 1.5-2.0" before I made the changes with the same ammo). After about 40-60 rds., the groups were not improving... on my last target, I decided to switch and use some commerical MATCH ammo (feeling, like it was time for the acid test) and LO and BEHOLD!, the first three shots were inside of an inch and the next three making this group about 1.5". I felt somewhat vindicated on the changes and mods that I made... but I could NOT prove it substantially. I ran out of time and the range was closing... guess it has to wait till next time...

Some of my thoughts, as I ponder for the next time I get to the range, is that the gas cylinder might have needed some time to "break in". It could have also been me... being excited over the mods and changes, that I did not focus and concentrate on "shooting". Things that I will certainly keep in mind for the next time I am at the range...

I would very much be interested in other opinions or ideas that you might have...

Happy Holidays!

Tom O.