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New Garand?

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Hey guys, I think I have a bad case of Garanditis. I NEED a Garand to go with my loaded M1A. Rule of two you know. I have been shooting the CMP rimefire for a while and now I have the Highpower jones. The M1A shoots good but, I would like to have a NM Garand. The question I have is should I get a Garand from the CMP and try to build one or should I have one built? IF I get a 7.62x51 can I shoot it the John C. Garand mtches? What do you guys think?
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Howdy Bighead,

First of all, The M1 only matches must be fired with a M1 in 30-06 to count for record.
I beleive you can use a 308 but, would not count for record.
The barrel must also be of standard issue weight and contour.
Kreiger makes such a match barrel with those demensions.

For the purposes you describe above, I would get a CMP rack grade woodless and build from there. You'll want to get a nice new walnut stock like a Boyds or even a weinig if ya go first class.

Others will chime in soon I'm sure. If I can be of further help, just let me know.

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Bighead, I would think that Warbird is giving some good advice here, my M1s that I have from the CMP have been top rate. I might be wrong here, if I am then put me down for wrong but I belive if you have a M1 that was originally converted by the Navy in 1957 to 7.62mm then you can use it in Garand matches.
Actually the 'rule of two's' applies to M1A's... Garands are different and the 'rule of three's' appies to Garands as you need 3 Garands to use the stacking swivel :)
Pretty sure the John Garand Matches have to use stock or issued rifles, which rules out aftermarket match barrels in any caliber. I know that National Match M1 rifles can be .30-06 or 7.62mm NATO and the merely have to be externally the same as a standard M1.

Of course "Match M1" or "Match M14" is an oxymoron at the Camp Perry level, the M16A2 takes home all the trophies.

-- Chuck
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