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New dood

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Just registered and wanted to Hi. I have used the M14 when I was in the Navy, years ago, owned a couple of M1A's in the past, and sold both over the years. Still have my old Garand though, which I may get a stock for soon. Maybe a laminated birch, just for kicks.

Now, I'm considering another M1A. I would like an LRB M14 build, but don't have that budget, so I'll stick with a Loaded M1A. First thing I'll probably do, is get an aftermarket stock, like an Archangel, or something.

Anyway, from here on, I'll just surf and read all the good stuff on here.
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Welcome to the forum, there is a ton of info on this site so read all you can. Get the Loaded M1A it is a great rifle to start off with.

Be prepaired to do some minior fitting if you get the Archangle stock, but i would recomend you look at a Mc Millan composite stock its a little more but will last much longer and will improve your rifles accuracy which the Archangle will not.

Good Shooting.

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