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New china doll M14s

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I was at the Pasadena,Tx. gun show today and was talking to a friend about a Polytech I saw walking the floor. Fella said it was worked on by
Ron Smith. I mentioned that I saw a Polytech at a gun store in town for
$550.00. The rifle is in 98% condition. Very little wear on the bolt. It also
has the post ban FH. He said he would grab the one for $550.00, the other
one was $750.00. What's a guy supposed to do. I already have 2 nice M14s.

I have 2 sets of USGI parts:

A. Would you keep it as is or,
B. Strip it and build a new gun.
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I'm one of them "If it ain't broke dont fix it" kinda guys so I would leave it as is and enjoy it as long as its functioning properly which it no doubt probably will. :D

I got your email today.
I thought you posted pics here before I had a chance to see your new toy. :roll:
I guess I'll see it real soon. :mrgreen:

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Buy it..keep it original Chinese... shot it and enjoy!! :wink:
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