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need quick opinion and answer

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went to a gun show today and a guy has a stripped trw bolt with bolt roller for $80. he says it is new. i don't know what to look for in a refinished bolt. the bolt had a thick park on the entire thing. the bolt roller wasn't parked. is there anything i can look for to see if it is new or refinished? is $80 a good price? thanks.

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Thats not a bad price IMO ....

Rollers are not supposed to be park'd ....

Look for wear on the bolt face if any but this does not mean thats it bad ... just used as opposed to new

It may be a re-park as well but thats okay too ...

pez if you need a bolt go buy it that is as good of price as you are going to find. Was this at the show in Macon I'm going to that one here in about an hour.

this one was at columbus. let me know how the macon show is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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