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Need me a good knife around the farm, how about this Ka-Bar?

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Are these legit Ka-Bars on Amazon?

I don't need a Rambo knife, just something heavy duty and durable.
But this price worries me????
Seems pretty cheap to me to be a decent HD knife in my thinking.
Anyone ever bought one of these?
Can you recommend something similar and better?
Even an old used classic similar knife will do me fine.
I just don't want a piece of junk.

ETA: I mentioned Ka-Bar because it was the only name I knew.
I had an excellent general use knife for years, was issued to my dad in the navy, it was a small fixed blade, leather handle, with a Camillus blade with blood grove. I always thought it was a small Ka-Bar but it looked different than the big knife carried by Marines. I think it was issued for general duties on board or something. A real shame I lost it. Maybe I can find one on eBay and get a picture to help me hunt one down?
I'll be back!
ETA AGAIN: I did not see any knives the same, some similar, but not same. Mine did not have any military markings, only "Camillus" on the blade.
It looked similar to this knife on eBay but where you see the markings below mine only had "Camillus."
My knife had a heavy blade with blood groove also. I'm sure it came from the navy, dad was not the type to spend money on a knife.
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That K-Bar is chinese [imported] Get the Glock from amazon. 36.00 Deal!
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CMP has New USGI M7 bayonet with scabbard for 42.00 In the box. Not opened. for 42.00. I have a few, never opened.
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