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Need input on NM barrel selection, please...

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Ok heres the deal. Ive been gathering M14 parts for a long time. In this time i occasionally would pick up NM parts. I finally had enough parts together to start looking for a reciever. Well, long story short i found a "New Old Stock" Springfield Armory rear lugged reciever. Luck of the draw, it is within 100 # from my standard pre ban.

Any how, i have all new parts, but need help on barrel selection. I can either use a USGI medium weight NM barrel (1983 production), Saco-Lowell. I dont have the barrel in hand yet, and need to know the twist rate and groove # on these barrels. My other option would be ordering a Krieger or Barnett in what ever twist i want etc. I was wanting to keep it as much USGI as possible, for nostalgia sake. I really dont plan on shooting competition other then the occasional fun match.

So i guess my question is 1- What is the twist rate on the USGI NM Medium weight barrels (barrel ID: MFR 26978 9345206 8-83 82472)

And if i should use the USGI NM or order a Commercial (Krieger or Barnett) barrel?
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If I remember right I was told by a knowledgable M14 gunsmith that they are 1-11 twist barrels. I also asked him the same question about accuracy and he said a Douglas barrel would shoot way better.
If it was me, I would use the SAK barrel they have a more then well disserved reputation in the tite groupe arena. Barrel twist I`m sure is in the 1/11 4 groove and will more then handle a 147-168 ammo.
P.s should you decide not to use this barrel send me a PM.
thanks fellas, will keep everyone posted on this build.
NM Barrels

Saco-Lowell (SAK) medium weight NM barrels are 1:12" twist 4 groove. They are the most accurate of any of the GI NM barrels produced. In spite of what some have said, the 1:12" twist will shoot to 1000 yards, without problems, as long as 155 Palma, 175 SMK, or 180 SMK bullets are used. Don't even consider trying 168's for 1000 yards even though they will shoot great at 600.
1:11" twist barrels were limited to commercially produced contract barrels for the military.
Lamey call me

My e-mails to you are not going through. Please e-mail me direct at [email protected] or call me at 541-899-8109. I may be out most of the weekend. Thanks, Ted
Ted, called, buzy, will catch you later.
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