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Need Info on Chinese Barrels

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1. Are Chinese M14 barrels any good?

2. Are the threads different from USGI?
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Ron Smith (Smith Enterprizes), told me that they are just as good as USGI, though the metal is a little softer. This doesn't matter since it's the chrome layer that gives the bore it's hardness and corrosion resistance. The receiver threads are USGI, the gas cylinder threads are different and the flash hider threads are different but people report that USGI castle nuts do work because the thread pitch is very close to the USGI version. I haven't tried but I am about to, as soon as I get my Gas cylinders back from Hueygunner. Good Luck !!
Thank you very much for the information.
I have two that shoot almost on a par with my NM SA.
Chinese barrels


I just replaced a Chinese barrel off a Norinco M305 and replaced it with a M1A NM barrel. The only two items that I could not use from the Chinese set up was the castle nut and gas lock, due to thread differences.


Match chambers

The recent M305's I have looked at had superbly cut chambers. Except for larger neck diameter, the other dimensions were almost identical to the M852 match chamber.

Runout was zip. Brass from my match bolt action was a perfect fit.

So if you get the same quality, these are a great barrel and since chrome lined, will last through a lot of shooting. The barrels used have shot sub MOA after accurizing/bedding the rifles and tuning the triggers.

All used the loading technique that I have posted in the past.

Good luck with your swap.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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