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Need help with Rail Mount options

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Smith or Arms 18 for scope mount?

Weaver or Picitanny rail?

I will be mounting a Red Dot device or scope on this rail.

How well does an EOTECH or ACOG device work with one of these mounts?

I also would like to be able to use the iron sights on this.

Project is for a Standard M1A paper puncher at 100 yards.


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Aloha 45R:

I don't know if this will help but I have many ARMS #18 mounts in the old and new version. With a scope mounted, you cannot use your iron sights. In order to use the iron sights, you must remove the scope (base should stay on the rifle) and you should then be "good to go".

I have no experience with a Smith Ent. scope mount, so you might have to wait until on the others come to help out.

I have mounted an Aimpoint to my ARMS #18 with no problem. But I felt the rifle was capable for much further distance than my Aimpoint allowed so I removed it. I hope this helps some.


Tom O.
Howdy Tom,

I too have the old and new style ARMS #18 mounts.

I can use iron sights with both the old and new ARMS #18 without scope installed no problem. :)

Smith mounts are $200.00
ARMS #18 $155.00-$175.00

warbird out
Hey Warbird,

Man, you folks are up late! On my ARMS setup, when I mount a scope, I cannot see through the rings to use my irons. I guess if you have "see through" rings, it should work provided that your objective bell doesn't get in the way.

My Aimpoint mounts so low, that seeing beneath the Aimpoint would be impossible for me.

With the scope taken off (base left on the rifle), the irons work fine! In fact, that is why I have so many ARMS #18 mounts. I leave the mounts on the receivers. They look really good on the receivers.


Tom O.
Now can you use any of these mounts with the Scoped mounted. IIRC a friend of mine served in the Corp and he has a NM M1A with a scope attached to it and with this particular mount you can use the glass or the irons.

It doesnt look like a Smith or Arms..


Go with the EO Tech over the Bushnell, the EO comes with a shroud and I've heard more metal in the frame.

I think co-witness should be fine, but check. I used one on an AR and it is great for CQB out to 100yrds, good out to 250-300 but drops off quickly. I had the circle / center dot on mine.
How easy is it to Zero the EOTECH....I heard that Zeroing a CMore was a nightmare?
I don't recall any problems at all, took about 5 shots would have been less but for operator error :oops:
I have to agree on the EOtech.
I think you'll find it's more user friendly which is a good thing.

warbird out.
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