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recommendations, weld it yourself. it is not that big a deal done properly, do some research on building a heat sink, rent a welding machine and practice on a steel plate. no need for the atf or forms then.

mr fisher is correct about leaving the room or even going to the bathroom. technically speaking, from writings on the atf website i have read, it is illegal to even let someone else shoot your nfa registered weapon. including your wife or kids. if you are present and walk to get ammo from the bench for an instant, it is technically out of your control. that is the key phrase here. out of your control. just letting someone else hold it is out of your control. which by definiton requires the proper paperwork. ridiculous really.

this coming week i go to pick up a new in the box, never fired, springfield armory incorporated full auto rifle with my friend. what a beauty she is too.
this is the one that was recently sold at auction. so i did some background work at atf website for verification of the laws and contacted an attorney about a gun trust. these help alleviate many of the grey areas of their convaluted and undeciferable laws.

our local sheriff that must sign off on it to be transfered, told us that they had signed three that same day. who would have thought there are that many nfa weapons in a dinky little town. be careful around here you bad guys, you will get more than you bargained for. lol
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