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need help (bolt roller)

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I had put 150 rounds through my new prod M1A and today when I let my friend shoot the bolt wouldn't lock forward. I worked it back and forth and it would only shut if I let it slam forward. I disassembled it and found out that the bolt roller wasn't attached to the bolt anymore.

What caused this and how do I fix it?

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bolt roller....

Sounds like you have one of the "defective" SA INC. bolts. You could buy a new roller and clip, but then you would need the specialized pliers to install it. And it will just come off again if it's what I said.

I think your only choice is to send the bolt and rifle back to SA under warranty. Some guys have done this and they got a USGI bolt out of the deal.

I had the same thing happen to my SA M!A with less than 200 rounds. I sent it back to SA and they replaced the bolt with a TRW. Been running fine ever since. I now have about 2000 rounds thru it.

Joe A.[/list]
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