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Need Assistance On Front Sight Post

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Just recently used my Fulton Armory M14 Receiver build up with all GI H/R parts rifle for a 3 Day M14 Instructor School. While attempted to zero the rifle in at 50 yards found a problem.
Bottom line is the rifle was shooting 4" high at 50 Yards on an 8" bulls eye target. Was able to hit center, if I aimed at 6 o'clock vs aiming at center and hitting at 12 o'clock.
Rear Sight was bottom out and I need a higher front sight.
Was able to use my Leupold Scope for the class so shooting out to 500 yards with scope was no problem, but would like to be able to use iron sights.
Where can I get a higher front sight to replace the one I have?
Used a caliper on current and it measure .564
Any assistance in locating a higher front sight would be appreciated.