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Need Advice please...

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The only reason I ask is that I was at a local gun shop and I was looking at a Rock River NM AR-15... Pretty nice. The first thing the guy asked me is so are you planning on just shooting paper. It had me think... well ya...that and Prairie Dog/Ground Hog. So why would I really "need" a preban. I mean a M4 would be neat but...why? They are not as accurate.. and I would probably want NM trigger, Barrel etc.

Anyway... Has anyone done any research?? Rock River says that their upper is forged but neglects to say how their lower is made.. So I am suspecting Cast. ...Wilson has both forged upper and lower but expensive. Also I heard rumors that Rock River was just awarded the Govt. Contract??
Unfortunately Colt is out of the question, their QA has just gone to crap. I wish LRB sold complete NM rifles, and I am not sure about Bushmaster.

So.. the Rock River NM has Wilson SS NM barrel Free Float tube, NM Trigger, NM hooded App, Hand Machined upper and lower for a tight fit (I held one today its TIGHT)
Hmmmm. Any input would help..

Thanks in advanced,
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C'mon guys ;)

Don't be embarrassed I know some of you own a Mickey or two. :lol: :wink:
You can pm me if you want... :roll:
Hi Doc:

The RRA NM should do you well. From what I have read, it is accurate enough to compete in match shooting. But I only heard or read that and do not own one. They do look sweet!

I do have a Bushmaster V-Match with 16" barrel. It has a 1-9 twist barrel and I decided to set it up as a CQB or Fun Gun! It performs flawless and is pleny accurate (I posted pics a little ways down). BushMaster and RRA have been getting some pretty good reviews and testimonies.

Hehehe, I am not ashamed of having this Fun Gun and a Eagle AR10T! In every "Ying" there must be some "Yang" and I have fun shooting these rifles... although I prefer to shoot my M14 type rifles more... but that would mainly be because I need to test out my projects... I am sure when all the projects are done, they will come out to the range to play!!!

For me, AR's are just another rifle to have and play with! Have fun either way you go!


Tom O.
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DocMinster I don't think you'd go wrong with a RRA, there
are plenty on the line and, shoot very well. I use one of their two
stage triggers on my pre-ban Eagle arms match rifle. As a matter
of fact I use the AR at most of the CMP shoots, just that it would
not be my SHTF rifle.......my M1A's would be. No shame. :roll:
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