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Need Advice: Mag Refinishing

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Hi folks.

Need some advice.

I'm in the market for some hi-caps for a SIG P229 that I'm lookin' to buy early next year, and given that the price for original factory hi-caps has fallen through the floor, I'm itchin' to make a purchase.

Trouble is that on the main mag deals (the 5 for $78 on Auction Arms, etc.) the mags look like hell, and I'm wondering what folks are using to refinish them to their "factory fresh" appearance (I also plan to give SIGARMS a "shout out" to order replacement followers and springs).

What do y'all use? How do you make 'em NOT look like paint's been slathered all over 'em? How do you ensure da wife doesn't file on ya for abusing her cookie sheets/oven with the baked-on finishes?

Favorite product suggestions, process tips and pics of the final product would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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spike, i use 0000 steel wool then appy formula 44/40 cold blue. follow the instructions and it really cleans them up.

i use to have a table at various gun shows in the area, selling mags.
spruce them up and they sold like hotcakes.


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Color Palace black primer ( often advertised as flat black spray paint.
Spray it on and bake it in the oven at 375f for 2 houres.
It's tougher then cold blue by a very long shot, and belive it or not, it's even tougher then some of the Brownells bake-on finishes. It's up their with Polymer finishes.
It'll eventually wear, but generally not as bad as most non-metalic finishes.
It's also VERY corrosion resistant. Leaves a very clean cut, professional looking surface. Keep in mind that Primers in general, are only affective as durable finishes when they are oven baked.

Color Palace spray paints and primers can be bought at Wal Mart for a doller.

The slide on this gun was done with Color Palace primer, and the finish was almost a half a year old when the picture was taken if i'me not mistaking:

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