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NECO Fire Lapping Kits 223 & 308

These ready to shoot, pre-loaded kits are no longer available from NECO.
These have been properly stored in an airtight ammo can with desiccant.
I sold my 223 and replaced the barrel on my M1A with a match grade barrel.

These kits will not help a match grade barrel.
These kits are designed to make a standard barrel easier to clean and more accurate.
They are more comprehensive than the kits that David Tubbs currently sells
(the coarse rounds are coarser and the polishing rounds are finer).

The 223 kit has been opened, the 308 kit is factory sealed.
Each kit has 4 different laboratory grade abrasive bullets, 220, 400, 800 & 1200 grits.
*These kits are advertised as safe to use with a chrome plated barrel and a gas system.
They come with a photocopy of an in-depth 21-page instruction manual,
abbreviated instructions and cleaning recommendations.

*Please visit the following websites for further information:
NECO Information
Tubbs website
NECO and Tubbs info
http://www.arizonaammunition.net/Coated Bullets.htm

Was $75.00 Now $55.00 for the 223 Kit Shipped FedEx Ground
Was $85.00 Now $65.00 for the 308 Kit Shipped FedEx Ground
USPS Money Order or Discrete PayPal (no charge, I will invoice you)
This is loaded ammo (no returns), simple ammo statement required (via PM)
Ship to the lower 48 US Only, No Non-US Sales (No trades at this time)

*Sorry, will not ship to restricted states, counties or cities
California: Napa and Yolo Counties. The cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco
Maryland: City of Annapolis and Montgomery County
New York: City of New York
Illinois, Massachusetts or Washington DC: No sales


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How much for a local? GI2

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Still available, price reduced.
Will combine shipping for both.
No shipping for FTF in Reno area.
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