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i met my daughter in late august when she came home from kicking afghan ass and was allowed a tour of the carrier she calls home. there were m-16 and m-60 rifles everywhere, some of the m-60 had no chips or wear at all. probably never been shot. but lo and behold there set 5 select fire m14s with starlite scopes on them, in absolutely new condition. when they come in to port, they shoot the lines and this is what they use the m14s for. these rifles have never been shot other than that as far as anyone knows on her ship. i was allowed to handle one of them and needless to say it brought back many memories both good and bad. after about a half hour i just had to put it down and walk away. hard to do. it was really a treat to see something that at one time you depended on so much. i own a polytech m14 that has been done right but to see and handle the real mccoy again was a thrill. the sailors then started asking for old war stories and it was time to leave as i share them with no one.