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National Match Unitized Gas Cylinder

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Hello all,

Can someone tell me if a GI NM unitized gas cylinder, in your opinion, is worth the cost. Does it have much of an affect on accuracy? Does it have to be used with a NM barrel, or will a standard barrel accomodate it as well? Would it be worth the cost / trouble for an unbedded rifle? Is there anything I need to consider before deciding on the installation? I realize that you can use shims instead, but I prefer not to go that route. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I think Dighawaii is absolutely correct. Screwed, welded or shimmed, it's worth doing.

I shimmed my two M1As & noticed a difference immediately. I'm far from being a great shot but there was a noticable improvement in group size - with both the NM barreled & the std barreled rifles afterwards.

I bought a welded NM cylinder from FA during their last sale ($79!! :D ) & just sent it off with the USGI parts kit I'm having Clayton install on my poly.
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