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dighawaii said:
Aloha Darrell:

I think a unitized gas cylinder is worth its money. With the front band and gas cylinder strongly attached, the barrel is more likely to return to zero or bottom dead center of the front ferrule.

I also agree with the idea that as a single unit it will help keep barrel harmonics consistent.

Shims work and are excellent if you need to keep your rifle original. I have the gas cylinders on the Devine and on the Poly shimmed with the original gas cylinders.

One of the best deals that I see is Frank Sottile at $85 for a unitized gas cylinder. That is a really good price and I understand it's supposed to be a new gas cylinder unit (but don't hold me to that... :lol: ).

I hope this helps some, if not you know where to get me... :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
ive been looking to get a birch stock and a NM gas unitized gas cylinder

think its worth it?
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