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National Match Unitized Gas Cylinder

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Hello all,

Can someone tell me if a GI NM unitized gas cylinder, in your opinion, is worth the cost. Does it have much of an affect on accuracy? Does it have to be used with a NM barrel, or will a standard barrel accomodate it as well? Would it be worth the cost / trouble for an unbedded rifle? Is there anything I need to consider before deciding on the installation? I realize that you can use shims instead, but I prefer not to go that route. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have had both the welded and screwed type. Have had no problems with either. But if I would reccomend the screwed type as stated by Jeff. In fact Jeff has done all of my Unitizing :D He does a outstanding job. As far as authentic looking? The screwed method is more authentic looking as the screws are on the inside. The welded method shows the weld on the exterior. That was my prime reason for having Jeff do mine was due to the unchanged look that the screwed method had and the fact that I didn't have to worry about any warpage.
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