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Mystical M14/M1A

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The mystique of the M14/M1A rifle draws me to understand every part of it. And what better way to better understand something other than by modifying it or trying to make it better... in this case a bit more accurate.

I decided to take a new SA Loaded Standard M1A and make it as NM ready as possible without the benefit of bedding the stock/receiver.

The SA Loaded Standard M1A comes with:
NM Flash Hider
NM Med. Contour Barrel
NM Trigger Assembly
NM Front Sight and NM unhooded Rear Sight

These are items that will be installed/modified or replacing the original:
WhamoCamo Synthetic Stock (no bedding but all other NM mods)
NM Unitized Gas Cylinder
NM Polished Gas Piston (not received yet from FA)
NM Op Rod Spring Guide
NM Hooded Rear Sight Aperture (not received yet from FA)
ARMS #18 Scope Mount
ARMS #22 Scope Rings
SA 6-20 X 56mm Mil-Dot Scope
Harris Bipod Adapter (Custom Installed)
Harris Bipod (BR-1A)
DSA Cheek Rest

Reference Sources and Material:
KuhnHausen M1 Garand/M14 Shop Manuals 1&2
Scott Duff's book - M14
Battlerifles.Com Forum
SparrowHawk.Com Forum

I have not completed this project yet, but I believe that I will be able to test the performance of this rifle against a factory SA NM rifle soon...

This endeavor would not be possible without the help and advice that I have received from members of this discussion group and BR.Com. I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for helping me better understand this wonderful rifle we call the M14 or M1A. The appeal is truly "mystical"... :lol:

Again, Thank You everyone, and I would like to wish all of you and your families a...

Merry Christmas and a Blessed Holidays!!! :lol:

Tom O.
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I'm glad this post re-surfaced. The other week someone was asking about what benefits he could expect on bedding a match rifle. Of course there are a lot of variables, how tight the stock fit before bedding, how good the barrel is capable of shooting, ect.. . With good ammo my Armscorp would shoot around 1.5 MOA but not consistently. Most groups would be close to 1 1/2" @ 100 but some would be closer to 2" & some at an inch. In the bedded stock with the same ammo if I shot a group over MOA, it was from shooter error. At 300 yards the difference was much more noticeable. I hope you saved your shooting data Tom. If so what kind of groups were you getting before and after? I also used a synthetic from WhamoCamo that was a pretty tight fit.

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I agree with Tom, some very good advice. I'm guessing your range has local matches every month. I would start of shooting these matches as is. You will pick up a lot of good shooting tricks and habits from the guys who do it every month. Don't let ego hold you back. No one will ridicule you and most will help out in one way or another, just get good enough to hit your own target first ;) .
If you get a bedding job there are other mods that are not that expensive you should have done first. I suggest getting a copy of The M14 Owners guide by Scott A. Duff & John M. Miller from Fulton Armory, whether you plan to do the work yourself or have it done. It will give you an idea of what to ask for if you have someone else do the work, or decide what things you may want to do your self. It is an easy read, not too technical, and IMO a must have for anyone serious about the M14/M1A. Have fun with the matches, the competition is only part of it.
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