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My USMC shooting team M14 with smear stock!

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My M14 collection seems to be slowly growing, but it takes a while to build absolutely perfect clones! I've been working on a USMC shooting team M14 with a smear stock and Barnett barrel for about 4 or 5 years, that's about when I acquired my first parts for the build. The rifle was put on the back burner until recently, when I made a trade with @forceman and got an original USMC smear stock from him. He then found me a 5 line Springfield receiver and I gave him the green light to start the build!

I've always wanted one of these rifles, and I've always read the threads posted here when you guys but these USMC target guns. Well, I can finally join the club! This rifle was built by Terry (@forceman) with a 5 line Springfield receiver, original USMC M14 smear stock, original USMC M14 Barnett barrel from 1991, and various GI parts. Terry built this amazing rifle to exact USMC specs and even used a 2112 armorer made tool for unitizing the gas system or something like that. The rifle is also double lugged, like most of the USMC rifles were. The rifle turned out great and I can't thank him enough for his help with the build!

Now the most important part, the photos! Also, if any of you have a similar USMC shooting team M14 (smear or woodland stock), please post some photos here in this thread for us to enjoy!

Wood Air gun Trigger Tints and shades Gun barrel

Air gun Wood Trigger Automotive exterior Gun accessory

Material property Natural material Automotive exterior Bumper Rim
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Yeah, I get some interest in my stock. I bought it on eBay quite a few years back with unknown history other than it was on some rear-lugged rifle. Just needs one of those shooting team stickers.
Looks somewhat familiar. I'm still trying to remember why I ordered a desert scheme from Mac back in the day though. Not much desert around these parts.....

Wood Automotive tire Flooring Floor Motor vehicle
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To further add to the great sticker debate, I wouldn't put any military team sticker on my rifle pictured, because (1) I didn't serve and (2) the rifle wasn't a team rifle. However, if the rifle was a military team rifle, then a team sticker adds to the nostalgia and history IMHO.
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I'm very familiar with the M14.
I carried one in Nam before they took it and gave us that POS M16.
Thank you for serving and welcome to the forum!
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