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My Socom 16

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Recently got a Socom 16 and wanted to do a Scout configuration ala Col Cooper( I've wanted to for a LONG time) and make it as reliable( and accurate) as possible.

We have hogs and gators and bear( oh my!), so this will fit that bill.

I put a long eye relief 4X32 NCstar scope on it, got some CMI SS mags( Florida humidity) and a Blackhawk cheek pad. Mag carriers are kydex, from SKD. The sling is from T.I.S. http://www.tacticalintervention.com/

Now, afa reliability, I did a little trigger work- I replaced the stock hammer and extractor with forged ones. I polished up the front hooks of the hammer and the matching surface of the secondary sear.

What that does is give me a nice, smooth trigger pull. I didnt mess with the back hooks and primary sear, as I want a solid hook up there( catches the hammer when, if you hold the trigger back after a shot). I put a Chrome alloy spring in, so the perceived pull is lighter, but mainly it's a smoother and cleaner break.

I also polished up the front face( where the bolt hits it in recoil) and the side( that rubs against the housing and safety) and it's mating surface.

I greased it all up and it's nice and smooth.

I also polished up the runner where the op rod rides and the face of the mag catch/release, so the mag goes in /out good.

Then, inspired by Lazerus, I decide to add a pistol grip to it. I cut the back off and matched a Choate pistol grip from a Winchester Mod 1200 to it

So this is the result

I shimmed the GC, but there's still 1/8" gap when the gas plug hits the piston(when screwing it in), so now I need another piston, or find someone with a lathe to take it down.

Also, now am looking for lighter loads for CBQ work.
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if u want a cheap piece of glass get the big center point scope at walmart.. I've had 3 and they are all fantastic. the adjustments work and they hold zero (even on my 8mm mauser)

not too clear at 16x , but its fine for target shooting at 1-200 yards.
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How is that AFG working out for you??

Just out of curiousity,
what length shirt sleeve do you have??

I tried the AFG my self on our new Alloy EBR stock,
and while I liked the angled fore grip concept,
I found AFG was located too far forward to balance properly for me on a shorty 14.
It actually slowed me down on my CQB practices.

I still use a "Magazine hold" for ALL my rifles, even my shorty AR 15. I've been told this hold is obsolete and not as ergonomically efficient as some of the newer CQB optimised fore arm holds. I guess I'm a bit of a dinosaur ... I still shoot genuine Weaver stance with my pistol, and most of the other younger [ and faster shooters ] seem to have gone to the Isosceles stance.

Oh well,
at my age I'm getting too old and set in my ways to change easily.

And realistically,
I'm way more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke [ hopefully during sex ] than any Zombi attack,
so I guess I'm still good to go.
Im gonna have to go with you on not wanting to jump on board with all the people saying to hold your gun all the way forward (even on the AR15)

I have tried it and it does provide Foregrip control without the fore grip. However i don't like the amount of stress it puts on your arm. I'ts a race gun technique NOT a combat technique.

To each their own YMMV
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I'm curious, how do you hold a SG?

Btw, have you studied how those in combat hold their M14?

I wouldn't try and take how folks hold a AR and try to transfer that to a M14. That dog don't hunt.

The M14 is more like a SG, not a AR.
I shouldn't have mentioned the AR , i was referring to laz's comment. (on the m14)
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