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My Second Highpower Match

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Shot my second HP match on Saturday. It was the first for the M1A, but I couldn't tell from the way she acted. She seemed right at home there.
Went so far as to try and tell me what I should be doing, but I wasn't listening...
That's why I only took 2nd place. :lol:

Be safe,
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:D Good Job Dave! what was your Score? And WELCOME to the BOARD! :D :D
Congrats Dave!!!

Sounds like a fun day! Yeah! Tell us more about this fun day!


Tom O.
Sounds like you have awinner Dave second is pretty good shotting. Tell us some more soon what was your score. We are going to start having HP match's at our club soon got get afew thing's worked out at the next meeting,
Nice job Dave, what yardage were you guys shooting, how many round match was it. We want all the details. :)
Thanks for all the words of encouragement. The course I guess was standard for an NRA High Power Match.
Standing 200M 10rds slow fire, sitting/kneeling 10rds rapid (starting from standing), 300M standing to prone 10rds rapid, 600M prone 20rds slow fire. I scored a 223 which is a lot better than the 10 points I scored in February with my Ishapore 2A1.
I messed up on the rapid prone and put four good shots into my friend Mike's target. Target detection is difficult for me. I have a course of action to work on it. The sitting rapid caught me not paying attention as well. I took too much time, and ended up with four left in the magazine and no alibi. Need to find a good cadence that I can get comfortable with.
Mike and I are going to get really serious about this and start practicing together.

Across the Coarse

Dave, thats a shortened across the coarse match. You fired 50 rounds for record and 6 sighter spoters. a full coarse is 88 rounds, 80 for record. Did they give you a temporary classification booklet? After you shoot 4 or 5 matches you will be classified. Practice at home dry firing at a spot on the wall, that will help you with your positions Set up all your equipment just like you are at the range. Your cadence comes from your breathing, take a breath and squeeze of the shot, take another breath and repeat the process of firing the rifle, watch your front sight rise and fall with the amount of air in your lungs, this gives you your elevation on the bull. GOOD LUCK, Give us a Range Report. :D
Right, it was the reduced course. I thought we only got four sighters. Two at the starting 200M, and two at the 600M. I don't remember any others, but there may have been some at 300M.
I do snap in quite a bit here at the house. I don't know how it is for you folks, but when I am in the sitting position, (I used to kneel) I feel so solid, like the rifle and I are connected. --Does that sound stupid?
For practice at the range, I am using Air Force M16A1 targets at 25M and Fred's AQT thing with the book and all. (Trying to keep everything 1" at 25M). I shoot prone all the time at the range, but I'm going to start doing all stances.
They gave me a book to put my scores in, and the stubbie from my scorecard. I put them in the rifle case so as not to lose them.
Next month, I'll be trying some Black Hills or a different commercial brand instead of the surplus, which I think may have been a bad idea. I don't want to shoot reloads in this rifle.
I'll post those scores, too.
Be safe,
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