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My rifle is back from SMITH ENTERPRISE

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About a month ago I purchased a Pre-ban "Custom built" :? National Match M1A. It was my second internet purchase and the first a Pre-ban Super Match (as good as New!) from Frank Sottile was such a smooth and fantastic deal I assumed this one would be also? Well, you all know what assuming will do for you? :oops:

To make a long story short, I sent the rifle to Ron Smith who truly worked wonders on it. The bbl was gauged at between 5 and 6 so I had it replaced with a Douglas med weight N.M. It had been blued which turned it purple, so Ron heat treated the receiver for correct hardness and Parkerized everything. Installed timed gas cylinder lock and new piston. Reworked the trigger housing and tuned everything to his satisfaction, what was what I told him to do. All of this in 19 days from the time I shipped it 'till today when I got it back. :)

He kept me appraised of every operation and even gave me a call Saturday evening to let me know he was finishing up working on it and would be taking it to the range Sunday or Monday to test and Zero it.

After marveling at the workmanship for a few hours I put it in Hawks USGI Tiger Walnut Stock with his Full Dummy Selector Kit. I can't post pictures today because I loaned my camera to a friend, but believe me it looks Great! 8)

My thanks and complements go to Smith Enterprise Inc and Hawk :D

Tomorrow I'll check her out on the range to see how she shoots?
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I hope you get your digital camera soon! Can't wait to see the pics. :lol:


Tom O.

Here are those pics I promised you. Sorry it took so long couldn't get my camera back til he finished posting on E bay :x

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This is an observation on my part with regards to Ron Smith and heat treating. MsgtMaze reported that his M1A needed to be heat treated. I was not aware that Springfield had a problem with their heat treating. Correct me if I am wrong. Ron Smith says that PolyTech M14's need to be heat treated while Clint McKee of Fulton Armory feels that they are not in need of heat treatment. The only reason that I bring this up is that I have heard time and time again from posters on various boards that the rifles they sent to Ron Smith needed heat treating. I have heard that Ron Smith does excellant work and have no reason to believe that he doesn't, but the heat treatment issue keeps poping up in posts. Is it just me or have any of you noticed the same thing?




Thanks SixTGunr,

My next project is to install one of Hawk's dummy kits (which I've already ordered) into one of your Black Hawk Down stocks. She's got to have a change of clothes once and a while :p


Outstanding! Really AWESOME!


Tom O.
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