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Ok, this is only the beginning. It will document the evolution of this rifle in pictures. I would be doing this in a series of videos on YouTube, but frankly, plastering my face on YouTube is not something I'm comfortable with, even though I know you guys would probably love to see me do all this work.

I just picked up the new M1A Loaded SS/Walnut.

I got it from the local shop for $1,669.00. I was planning on getting a Loaded Carbon/Synthetic version for $1,499.00, but upgraded the barrel and stock for another $170. There are two good reasons for this. My plan is to convert this is to a target/tactical M1A on a budget.

1. I figure SS is best for accuracy, corrosion/longevity, and cleaning.

2. The stock and handguard will be removed and stored for a future build of real USGI parts on a forged receiver. If my future parts kit has a terrible stock, I plan to upgrade it with the new Springfield Walnut and handguard, to make it look much better.

Back to this one though.

Here she is (and I found my old Johnny Cash hat from 15 years ago). USNA

Her first upgrade. I also have a GC shim kit to install at a later date.


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person to dealer "I thought loaded had a SS barrel"

Dealer to person "oh this has carbon steel its great"

Person to dealer "isn't all steel carbon steel?"
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