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My "new" green Redfield..

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Some time ago, I saw one of M1Army's scope paint jobs and was very impressed with it. I asked him to do one for me and he obliged. It arrived today and I am most pleased with it and it now resides on my first M40 that is nearly 20 years since assembly.
Here is a few pics just taken. Pics expand a couple of times for closer views.


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looks great

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The green scopes look to be the bees knees.

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Pictures look great - not sure I ever saw your 1st M40 - she looks really nice.

I had some PM's about the paint I used.

I prep the stock and use 3 different Duracoat products when I paint the scopes.

First I prep the scope using my method and protect the objective and eye glass. I trace the objective and eye ring and cut painters tape slightly smaller then the actual openings. Next, I use bedding clay and roll it out until it is a slim roll and put that on top of the painters tape near the edges so NOTHING can get in to the glass.

* Once I prep the stock the fist product that goes on is a Duracoat stainless base coat which is required if you use the Duradize product.
* Next - I use OD Green Duradize - this is a Duracoat product that emulates the anodizing process - I paint the entire scope with this color. You have to use an airbrush and the prepping is the key to success. The Duradize takes some time and testing to learn how it lays down and I practiced on my scope several time before I got it right.
* The final step is I tape off parts of the scope that you want to retain the OD green and I use a 3rd Duracoat product called aged bronze to emulate discoloration that happens due to exposure to the sun.

I used the same process on my M40 replica.


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I put this one together nearly 20 years ago on an early 5 digit receiver with clip slot, split sear and wide safety. Started out as a carbine ADL.
I scrubbed off the checkering and inletted for the BDL floor plate assembly. Had a smith turn on a Shilen varmint weight barrel of correct dimensions and 1-10 twist.
Sent it out for Parkerizing and been shooting it ever since, shoots great.

Thanks again Wes!

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Do you happen to have a system to do the satin black like on the gen2 Redfields ?
If you do then I would be interested as I've got a gloss black gen 2 on my M40 clone.
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